Allegra McNeally

Executive Director

Allegra has more than 20 years of product design experience with special emphasis on overseas manufacturing. She has managed numerous product lines from design to prototyping to production for companies in Asia and the United States. She manages VisionMaster's marketing strategy and maintains channel relationships. She has attended Harvard and Bowdoin, and has degrees in Government and Economics.

Shahzad Kirmani

Director, Technology and Sales

Shahzad is a technologist at heart and has been building and refining 3D measurement techniques since 1991. He also has a keen interest in applying 3D measurement techniques to different industrial applications. Besides his love for technology, he has extensive management experience implementing software, electronics and manufacturing structures in the United States and in Asia. He holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Alamgir Tamoori

Director, Development

With more than a decade of cutting-edge software development and project management experience, Alamgir oversees our engineering development efforts. He was involved in the development of the VM400 sensor and led the VM450 development team. Alamgir has managed multidisciplinary software, firmware and hardware projects and holds an advanced degree in Computer Science from the University of the Punjab.